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What is Cantonese Dim Sum

Cantonese dim sum refers to a variety of small food items that are typically consumed during breakfast or tea time in the Guangzhou region of China. It became popular and spread throughout Guangzhou about 100 years ago, incorporating different regional styles and gradually becoming diverse. There are over 1,000 types of dim sum in Guangdong alone, making it unparalleled in other regions. At Dimsum Palace, we specialize in serving traditional dim sum that has been passed down through generations.

Our Beginnings

In China, dim sum is a part of the morning tea culinary culture, and it is usually only served in the morning. However, in the United States, there isn't a similar culture of morning tea cuisine. So, we thought about whether we could sell dim sum in the evening as well. We wanted our customers to be able to enjoy fresh dim sum not only in the morning but also after work. This is how Dimsum Palace came to be.

Our Growth

In November 2019, our first restaurant opened in the Sarasota area. It was challenging to provide dim sum all day long since dim sum is mostly handmade, and it takes a lot of time to prepare the food fresh for the day. Especially, there aren't many people who know how to make dim sum. After several months of adjustment, we overcame this issue. However, in March 2020, we faced the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were forced to close our doors. Even after reopening, we experienced a long period of decline. During this time, we persisted in using high-quality ingredients. Even though it was difficult to source Chinese ingredients, we did our best to maintain the trust of our customers. After navigating through the challenges of the pandemic for three years, our operations have become smoother, and in January 2023, our second restaurant successfully opened in Fort Myers.

Our Expectations

We always strive to provide fresh and high-quality dim sum. In addition to traditional dim sum, we aim to incorporate local ingredients and introduce new varieties that cater to local tastes in the future.

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